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Meet the dream team behind our work.

Marble Surface


Lead Designer (AIT)
Assoc. AIA, NOMA, Allied ASID, LEED Green Assoc.

Michelle is a hardworking, creative, and ambitious professional with an infectious sense of humor and a never-ending todo list. In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors in the gorge and going on occasional outings to the coast with her husband and two little girls. 


Michelle has always been interested in combining function, beauty, and design, so she began her college journey at the Art Institute of Portland with an Associate of Arts in Interior Design. There, she learned that interior design has the power to improve how people live, work, and move within the built environment; tiny details can matter just as much as the large architectural moves that create the space.

At Portland State University, Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture. This program was rigorous and intensive, with the studio work encompassing many hours of every day. Emphasis was placed on the process of developing creativity and the act of creating art. Many artistic elements were encouraged and incorporated into the program such as freehand sketching, painting, watercolor renderings, pencil drafting, collage, and meticulously crafted models. She often used these artifacts as inspiration and/or design elements for her projects. Each studio presented a design problem followed by research, concept development, design work, revisions, renderings, architectural drafting, construction documents, pin-ups, and presentations.

After working for several interior design, architecture, and engineering companies, Michelle spread her wings and opened her own design studio at the beginning of 2021. She worked from home with a new baby for most of the year and then found the perfect little office to call her own in North Bonneville, WA. 

Fun Fact: 

Michelle is currently studying for the ARE exams!

Marble Surface
Forest Path


Design Consultant
Structural Engineering Technician (EIT)

Jed started his company, Stroika Engineering, in 2020 with his business partner and licensed Professional Engineer. On large remodels or new construction Michelle will do the architectural set of drawings (plans, sections, elevations, site plan, details, etc.) and then hand them off to Stroika for engineering. Their plans typically include designs for the foundation, shear walls, framing, structural sections, details, and roof. 

Jed has been an Engineering Consultant since 2014. He believes in value engineering to give clients perfectly sized structural elements, creating local partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for the best outcomes on building projects. When we work together, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.

Click the link below to check out Stroika Engineering's portfolio.

Fun Fact: 

Jed loves spending his free time cooking and camping!

Marble Surface
Trail in Woods


Interior Designer
Architectural Drafter

Serap has a passion for creating and defining spaces and believes design is all about the details
regardless if she's creating a public space or interior space. Born and raised in Turkey, Serap has been living in the beautiful Hood River area since the summer of 2015. The Columbia River Gorge with its natural beauty, exciting landscape, and friendly culture made it easy to call home.


Over the last seven years of living in the United States she has finished building a home, started a family, and embraced the community. Multiple work opportunities have given Serap the ability to widen her scope of work and professional skills, giving her the chance to explore new career paths. Serap's educational background starts with a bachelor’s degree in City and Regional Planning from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey. While attaining her Master's degree in Urban Design from Istanbul Technical University, she worked at several architectural firms as a 3D visual artist and Urban Designer in Istanbul.


In 2020 she started a commercial farm on the property she purchased with her husband. This pursuit was driven by an ideology of a more sustainable lifestyle with a greater
focus on a harmonious relationship with the planet, the community, and her family.

Fun Fact: 


Serap has had the experience of living in a 120sf tiny house!

Marble Surface

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